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Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekly Wrapup a Little Late Rain, Chuck Berry's Funeral, and More

So, it's Monday of the next week if that gives you any indication as to how my week went last week.

It was a week filled with a lot of rain and ended with a nice weekend.

It started with Lifelight drama, dance and voice with the girls. Thankfully, both were feeling well enough to go this week.

Tuesday was my day to do school with my youngest and to catch up on work that needed to be done before I was to be gone possibly for 6 weeks driving my dad to radiation. Turned out, he really wanted to drive himself and seems to be enough up for it so far, so I only drove him on Wednesday. But, whew! It rained every time I got out of the car, only a slight exageration.  Some of the storms were severe. I got him and my mom in tow to his first radiation treatment, and he seemed to do very well.

Thursday I spent with a headache, no doubt from driving all day in the rain the day before.

Friday, my oldest was to sing at a trivia night. I couldn't afford a ticket, so I didn't get to hear her. I'm told she did well, but I am anxiously awaiting the video.

The weekend, after the Sabbath, I took advantage of the 500 free eBay listings and listed 50+ new listings in about two days.

My eyes are tired of staring at that little phone screen, but I hope it pays off.

Sunday, we watched services at home while my husband attended Chuck Berry's funeral. His sister attended school with Chuck's son, so they were invited to the private ceremony. it was quite a day for him. He even met Paul Shafeer from David Letterman's band. Just sad that a legend had to lose his life for the gathering to take place.

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