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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew - Focus on the Family Captain Absolutely

Review, #hsreviews, #faith, #CaptainAbsolutely, #ComicBook. #Character, Action, character, comic book, ethics

One of my children has an absolute fascination and love for graphic novels and comic books, so I was thrilled to get a chance to review Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family. Not only is it enjoyable to read, but the message is one of utmost importance in today's culture of relativity.

Focus On The Family, Review, #hsreviews, #faith, #CaptainAbsolutely, #ComicBook. #Character, Action, character, comic book, ethics
 Captain Absolutely, Review, #hsreviews, #faith, #CaptainAbsolutely, #ComicBook. #Character, Action, character, comic book, ethics
What is Captain Absolutely?


Founded by Dr. James Dobson and now overseen by President Jim Daly, Focus on the Family does just as its name implies - focuses on families to help them thrive with sound advice and counsel about marriage, raising kids, and other aspects of healthy Christian families. One of the offshoots of Focus on the Family is Adventures in Odyssey, which is an audio program that is intended for kids 8-12. The program contains 30-minute dramas stories that instill faith and character development in children. One of the characters in Adventures in Odyssey is Captain Absolutely.

It was Dr. Dobson whom I originally heard on the topic of absolute truth. Years ago on his radio program, I sat and listened to him describing how absolute truth is at war with culture and how universities will argue its validity. I remember sitting in wonderment thinking, "Oh, but that would never happen in America!"

Fast forward a couple decades, and here we are in a culture that accepts everything as relative and absolute truth is not only ignored but is criticized, often with heated discussion and anger.


Captain Absolutely was birthed from Adventures in Odyssey and was originally featured in Clubhouse magazine.

The story of Captain Absolutely begins when a librarian takes cover in a room that was filled with Bibles after a sudden explosion that happened when sunflower seeds mixed with a motherboard. He began to read God's Word for the very first time as he waited to be rescued trapped in the Bible-filled room. Mix some mysterious radioactive fumes, because it is a comic after all, and he is transformed into a superhero. He begins to embark on a battle against Dr. Relative and fight for:
Truth, Justice, And Lots More Truth!

as he battles common cultural pitfalls in the form of villains and robotic ants who cause us to take our eyes off of the absolute truth of the Bible.

While it is colorful and fun to read, the comic graphic novel is intended to help readers understand the role of God's Word and truth in decision making in today's culture. The hope is that children and adolescents will learn how to properly discern truth for themselves.

I received a paperback book based on a character, Captain Absolutely, from Adventures in Odyssey.

How Did We Use It?

The end of the book has a nice little layout of all of the characters and their profiles. The profiles are cleverly written and fun to read:

The humor interjected throughout the book is often parody in style:

I loved how there is scripture spattered throughout with the Bible references included:

This frame cracked me up while getting across an important message related to super hero cartoons:

I was excited to receive the book because my son, who is well beyond the recommended age range by the way at 16, really only enjoys a book if it is a graphic novel. So, as soon as it arrived, I explained to him what it was about and handed it off to him to check it out. He was impressed with the quality of the graphics and the book itself.

What Did We Think?

The book is colorful and of good quality, but more importantly, the story is entertaining and engaging while getting across the method of discerning truth. I was happy with how they interspersed scripture throughout the storyline and thought the recommended age range was spot on.


Read what other members of the Homeschool Review Crew thought by clicking on the picture below:

Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}

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