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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Philosophy of Flooding

There has been a lot of flooding from heavy rains in our area lately. Yesterday, when I dropped off the girls, I drove by a neighborhood. It was a neighborhood that years ago when we bought our house out here, my husband and I had begged God to give us this house. OK, not give us, we were going to buy it, but to make it available to us. To give us favor in the eyes of the seller.

We loved this neighborhood. It was quiet, on a man-made lake, and in a price range we could afford. In fact, it was about $20,000 less than the house we ended up with, which gives you insight into the story to realize that God didn't give us that house.

It broke my heart a bit at the time, but time went by and we found this amazing house that we are now in, up out of wet flooded grounds.

The other house we so wanted at the time, on the other hand, was quickly dubbed as part of a flood plain. Maybe that's why they included a manmade lake. Perhaps they knew it would fill up often with water.

As I drove by that neighborhood yesterday, I had to be thankful. I looked and the lake was getting higher, closing out some of the back yards a bit, and the creek nearby was high, but across the street, the large yard was a complete marsh land of water.

Thank you, God, for sometimes answering our prayers differently than we thought we wanted. Thank you for knowing and directing our paths, and please help all of those who find themselves being flooded out and even losing everything.

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