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Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't Drive Into the Water, Just Plant me near it!

Recently I've been having dreams that my husband is driving and we are all in the van with him. Before my dreams end, he has driven us into or near dangerous water.

In my first dream, we were driving in a park near Chicago. It was a beautiful tree-lined park with patches of concrete street. People were bicycling and walking. My husband kept commenting how beautiful it was as I watched the water become more and more evident as we drove over patches of street as well as patches of water. We finally came to the end where it was obvious that if we continued we would drive into water over our heads.

I woke up to wonder what this was about. Being the kind-hearted, loving wife that I am, I immediately assumed it meant that my husband was somehow leading the entire family into danger.

Last night I had another dream that my husband was driving toward an ocean. As we approached the beach, he turned and drove alongside the waves. Again, I was terrified and woke up to think it must reflect negatively on my husband somehow as he was insistent on driving alongside this ocean in my dream.

Then, I opened up God's word this morning and read:

"They are like trees planted along the riverbank,
bearing fruit each season without fail.
Their leaves never wither,
and in all they do, they prosper."

Psalm 1:3

Well, well, well! Could it be that what I thought was a negative reflection on my husband's desire to drive near this water is, in fact, a positive one? Perhaps he is not leading his family into danger, but into blessings instead. He has been feeling too old to attain his life-long dreams as they are seemingly plucked from him and given to those much younger in recent decisions beyond his control. But, he is really simply in another season of his life. The Psalms says that each season will bear fruit without fail - Even as we approach the season of growing older, old age or winter.

Regardless of whether there is any merit to this dream, I am choosing to believe God's words in Psalms. I believe that the trees in my first dream are those spoken of in Psalms. I want my husband, I and and my children to be those trees this year that bear fruit of love, compassion, kindness and praise. I want our leaves to never wither with despair, depression and hopelessness stealing our joy; as we watch prosperity come into our household to be used and overflowing to disperse to others who feel as though they are driving toward danger.

Welcome 2010! May it be the beginning of Gods joy, praise and prosperity in our lives. May this be the start of the ability to not merely consume what comes our way but to use and give to build others up as well.

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