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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why'd you run into my car? God wanted us to meet!

Saturday, I picked up my daughter from dance like I do every Saturday afternoon. Every Saturday afternoon for sometime now, I have successfully maneuvered my vehicle in and out of this dance studio's parking lot. Until last Saturday!

Last Saturday, I was running late picking up my daughter. But, I wasn't rushing when I backed out, looked to see if it was clear, and heard the most awful sound a person can hear when driving a new vehicle - CRUNCH! Yikes - I thought, "what!?!" I had looked, it was clear, how could I be making contact with another vehicle?

I stepped out of the car to see another mother stepping out of her car. She is the mother of a friend of my daughter's. Both of us were embarassed and had no idea how our car's bumpers had made contact. Both of us had looked before proceeding. Neither of us has ever been the driver during an accident, unless you count a very minor tap at a stop sign 20 years ago.

I have driven this many years with no accident until Saturday!

But, the sweetest part of the entire ordeal is this: The other mother responded by saying how our children have been involved in the same activities for years. Our children attend the same AWANAs, the same dance studio, the same churches for years yet we have never met. Her response?

"Maybe God wanted us to meet, so he had us literally bump into each other in the parking lot!"

What a sweet way to look at it. Anyway, it made me laugh. And, honestly, I hope there's some truth in it. I'm anxious to see how this new relationship with the mother of my children's friends blossoms into.

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