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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A snow day for a homeschooler is simply PE at its finest

It's snowing! We got our first official snowfall of the year in my town. Schools and activities are canceled across the board. But, not for homeschoolers. What'a snow day to a homeschooling family? It's simply another day of learning. But, our learning today turned into Two fun-filled hours of PE (Physical Education).

We have a nice hill in our backyard that's perfect for sledding fun without having to travel somewhere in a vehicle to sled. I'm very grateful for this. It was very cold & the snow was blowing causing the illusion that it was still snowing, or that snow globe effect.

I'm never quite sure if my children truly enjoy sledding and snow fun, or if they do it for the hot cocoa reward at the end of the day!

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