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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tell me again - Why do I homeschool?

I had one of those weeks that started out with my son moaning and complaining about completing his math lessons. This happens each and every Monday morning except on weeks where there is a holiday on Monday; then it happens on Tuesdays.

He always recovers the following day. He's just never been good at making transitions - Not even as a toddler. But; by the time Tuesday rolls around, he has caused enough stress in the household to make me look into private education tuition. I once had bookmarked on my computer all the private schools in our area just to remind me that I cannot afford to send him to one, so I best get creative at problem solving and creating the homeschool I envisioned when I began.

So, tell me again - Why do I homeschool?

For starters, I wanted to homeschool from before children were even a part of my life. When I heard of this option for schooling my children, I immediately knew this was the style of education for me.

I love the freedom and flexibility that homeschooling brings. I love that I can teach and work around life, rather than the other way around. I love that we can sleep in if we want to. I love that we can do all our math lessons on one day and free up the remaining days for experiments or walks in the park or other styles of discovery. With a self-employed husband, our schedule is often offbeat from the norm. So, I love how we can start school after daddy leaves for work and allow time with daddy when hes home.

I love how I can present subjects to my children while explaining how it relates to our faith. I know that one day they will need to select the course of their own faith. But, in the meantime, I will explain subjects such as how the world began and why people die, etc. in relation to our faith.

I love how my children don't have to learn how to stand in line or sit quietly at a desk instead of learning the subject of importance. In fact, they may read in a rocking chair or they can wiggle on an exercise ball to get their wiggles out to free up their minds to learn.

I love how we are free during off hours at busy places like museums. We are free to enjoy ourselves without facing crowds since most children are inside a building at a school all day.

There are many other reasons why I homeschool. But; on days like I had this week, I need to remind myself of the benefits and why I chose homeschooling in the first place.

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