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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What are the basics to teach my children?

It occurred to me today that I am constantly putting out fires in an effort to meet my children's basic needs and keep them happy.

If they are hungry - I feed them.
If they are hurt - I comfort them and tend to them
If they are sleepy - I put them to bed

But, today it occurred to me that my children's basic needs are more than Maslow's heiracrchy. I realized that I need to tend to my children's spiritual needs with the same urgency.

My child asks, "Am I loved?" - I need to hug them, tell them what they excel at - Spend time laughing with them and enjoying their childish energy instead of shushing them.

My child asks, "What do I do right? - I need to offset my discipline and corrections with comments of what they accomplished and how proud I am of them.

My child asks "Why am I here?" - I need to be ready for an answer of how God carefully knit them together inside my womb & has a plan for them, a hope and a future.

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