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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help for Chile and Haiti Earthquake Victims from Ebay to Clean Water

When I heard of the earthquake in Haiti and now Chile following in the wake of devastation and I watched people arrive to help, I noticed that one of the first on the scene was Samaritan's Purse ministry with clean water. I watched with a feeling of sadness for Haitians, yet satisfaction that I knew I had helped to send them there.

How did I help with a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom's salary? Christmas is a busy season on Ebay, and I had just sent a large check to Samaritan's Purse the week or so before the quake hit, representing half of my sales I had made on Ebay during the Christmas season.

After the birth of my third daughter, I began giving back. Since my prayer during pregnancy was that she would be a lifespring of water coming forth from my previously dry, barren desert womb (after losing 3 babies inside); I decided to give back in the form of clean water!

When I chose to give clean water as a thank you for my healthy little girl, I wanted to choose wisely since I also wanted to share the refreshing living water of Jesus Christ whom I thank daily for allowing me to hold life in my arms in the form of my little girl. So, I chose Samaritan's Purse Clean Water Project - Turn on the Tap! After prayer and thought, I determined to give half of my Ebay sales to Samaritan's Purse Clean Water - Not a flippant or easy decision since this is the only source of this stay-at-home, homeschooling mom's spending money, previously spent mostly on lessons for the children or a weekly McDonald's night. But, with prayer and determination, I set out to give back half of what I sold. In wanting to keep with Ebay's procedures, I list some specialty items through their Mission Fish auctions officially announcing where the money is going for that particular auction. But, I continue to give half of all my Ebay sales to Samaritan's Purse whether it's a Mission Fish auction or not. You can read more about it on the About Me page on Ebay.

If you would like to help Haiti, Chile and countless others in need of clean water and benefit as well, there are currently tons of Easter dresses and such listed and more to come. Here's the Ebay Site that give back 50% to Samaritan's Purse.

My inspiration to give back in thanks for a child's life came from a friend who suffered malaria while pregnant with her 4th child. Both survived and are thriving. But, she contracted the disease from a mosquito while on a mission trip. Her healthy son's name is Jacob, and she has a fund to raise money for mosquito nets under the name, Jacob's Ladder through Nothing But Nets. She knew immediately when she held her healthy baby that he was a gift not only for her to hold, but to share with the world in the form of giving back. As I stood holding my young infant miracle in my arms and listening to her tell her story, I knew I needed to do the same - Give back for my blessing God gave me!

Thank you, Jennifer - And, thank you Lord!

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