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Monday, April 19, 2010

Going Green with Back Yard Kids Garden Saving Money on the Food Budget

Last year we started a project at our house: A Kids' garden. We thought it would be a great project to not only save money on vegetable expense eventually but also a great Science lesson and learning experience for the kids. We began by painting a fence to go around the garden.

But, last year brought tons and tons of rainy days
making it very difficult to get this accomplished let alone get any seedlings into the ground.

We ended up planting our seedlings in containers and watching
them grow on our deck. We even managed to get a little corn on the cob out of those containers.

As amazing as this was to watch grow and to even eat a small portion of what was edible, we still wanted to have an actual plot of ground set aside for the kids to have their own piece of the earth to plant things and watch them grow. This year, we started our seedlings which are flourishing in the house by a window and ready to put in the ground.

Meanwhile, we've managed to get the garden almost completely ready for their new plant residence.

We've painted the garden fenc
e and added a screen to, hopefully, keep out rabbits and such.

We also plan on going green completely as we do not plan on using pesticides or weed killers, and we plan on planting specific herbs and flowers to keep away pests such as marigolds to keep dogs away & basil to assist in the growth of our tomatoes. Our hopes is that our children will enjoy this and actually want to eat their green veggies by the end of the season.

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