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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back yard children garden producing more than a first bloom

Woohoo! We managed to get our garden set up and plants in the ground this year after extremely rainy days last year that prevented us from doing so.

We logged science hours as we got our hands dirty planting seeds in a little tray inside our house in early spring, watering the seedlings, watching them grown & then transferring the seedling plant into the ground inside the garden gate once we thought the last frost had passed.

Today, when the children went out to water, they were so excited to discover a bloom on one of the squash plants. They were jumping up and down and so happy. The fruit of all their work and waiting is starting to show in the form of an orangish yellow flower.

All this reward and excitement over a bloom of a vegetable they won't even eat. It leaves me to wonder how excited they would have been if they liked the taste of squash!