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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Father Doesn't Have to Deliver His Own Baby to Be A Super Daddy!

So, what’s a father to do to help in the education of his children when he is part of a homeschooling family? For starters, fathers have a great impact on their children. I will admit, my husband went a step beyond what most husbands or fathers would be willing to do or what is even really expected of them; in that he, unexpectantly, delivered our third baby without the help of a doctor or paramedic.
But, the influence of a father doesn’t need to include delivering his own child to have an impact. It doesn’t even have to involve spending the entire day and a lot of money for this impact to be successful. It’s just something that is part of fatherhood. In our house, I could spend hours reading to my children about any given topic. An hour later when we’re discussing what I read, they typically need a lot of prompting to remember. My husband, however, can walk through the room – hear a phrase I’m reading – make a comment & walk out of the room leaving the children rolling with laughter & never forgetting what he said in that split second. This happened on one occasion when I was reading a historical account about Mesopotamia. I was reading, and the children were at my feet “listening.” My husband walked through the room in an attempt to get ready to leave for work, heard the word Mesopotamia & commented loudly: “It was the whole Mess-Of-Potamias” The children roared with laughter & never will forget the word Mesopotamia. And, then there’s the cheesepuffs he sneaks them when I’m trying to finish a lesson – usually math – and, my husband sneaks them each a cheesepuff. I don’t know why every book we own has little orange fingerprints across every other page. But, we have a father-child bonding experience to thank for this. Or, there’s the squeals of laughter when one of the children find a silly card or picture he has hidden for them to find while he’s gone just to make them smile. And, when he opens up that front door after returning from work, the earth shakes with my children’s roaring enthusiastic shout “Daddddyyyy” as they run to greet him.

Happy Father's Day!