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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Snowy Key Hole View Into Winter-Time Family Fun

There's snow in our part of the world! 9 3/4" was the exact amount that fell on the patio table on our deck. This meant knee-deep snow for my children. It was very fun watching them tackle walking through this white fluffy and cold obstacle to get to the top of the hill in our backyard to sled. The amazing thing about this snow as how it glistened in the sun. It looked almost like the fake styrofoam version used in Hollywood movies as we watched it fall the night before.

Snow often reminds me of the sand on beaches, only much colder of course. As my children made their way through this wintery sandy beach of a back yard, I got our my camera and got creative. I began to bore out holes with my gloved-hand through the tall snow that had landed on my deck's railings. Then, I got the idea to take photos viewing through these holes. I was really happy with the outcome and found it to be very poetic and inspirational. As I look at the pictures, it's as if I'm looking through a key hole surrounded in snow into the lives of my family.

The thought occurred to me that it looked as if I was gazing into a dream, or a scrapbooked happy day to remember. It has been my dream to be married, have children and to teach them at home. As I gazed through my snowy key hole yesterday, I realized how fortunate I have been and how wonderful my God is to allow my dream to be fulfilled. I hope you enjoy my wintery key hole pics!