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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Because Of You: A Book Of Kindness

I just had the privilege of reviewing the most delightful book. It's a child's book and a very fun easy read. But, the message could change the world! I was provided a copy of the book, Because Of You A Book Of Kindness by B. G. Hennessy to review from Candlewick Press. The book is illustrated brilliantly in adorable captivating designs by Hiroe Nakata. The author also wrote My Book of Thanks which I have not read, but after reading this book would love to add it to my child's library collection.

The book walks through a series of life situations that are different, and potentially better, because of you. The book is wonderful to read to our children to stress their value and importance in this world. For a child's book, it provides a very adult message: You are special, and you can make a difference by expressing kindness to others.

As an educator, as a parent to a preschooler, as a Christian, and as a human service degreed college graduate with an emphasis on human behavior, I find the book to be an important part of every childhood library collection. Imagine how this world could be sweeter if every child knew their worth and that they can make a difference by simply starting to show a little kindness.