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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trying to raise Einstein and be fair to his sisters: What did Edison and Einstein's mothers do?

Today while I was waking up from my first nice 6-hour long uninterrupted sleep in weeks, I was rehashing yesterday's events. My son was bored. This child is brilliant! I do not say that only as a biased adoring mother. I say that based upon what others have observed in him. He was reading fluently at the age of 3 and has kept in high gear ever since he was born screaming purple before his body was birthed. His most recent accomplishment was writing a book. I'm not kidding. He's 10 years old, and he wrote a book. It is amazing, and I can' wait to share it with you. But, before I do I asked if he was interested in writing more. He was! Wonderful!

So, we made our weekly journey to the library last Monday to check out books on sea life. This is the topic of his 2nd book. He was excited, and jumped into learning. Then, he got sick. He got an ear infection and was no happy camper off and on all last week. So, this Monday, I thought he would happily resume his enthusiasm for his newest book. He began with slight gusto and then lost interest. He, instead, became very interested in a computer program called Scratch.

While Scratch is an amazing accomplishment for a child, I am responsible for this child's education. I am growing impatient as I watch his interest level wane toward what I believe is educational, good solid learning, in exchange for a non-skill in terms of the 3 R's that is.

Edison Trait: Saving the Spirit of Your Nonconforming ChildWhat do I do with a child who has no interest in the core subjects which my state demands I log hours of instruction? My thoughts turned to what Einstein's mother must have been like and what about Edison's mom?

I read a book awhile back about an Edison Trait child. This fit my son in a lot of ways. And, many have referred to him as a little Einstein. So, my search into finding tips from Einstein's mother has begun.

I'm still on a hunt, but in the meantime, I did run across this handy article about his mom! And, here's a more complete biography including his parents.