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Friday, March 25, 2011

But, Our Dreams Don't Come True!

The innocence that comes out of the mouths of babes! We were watching Cinderella today. Truth be told, we actually watched Cinderella, Cinderella 2 and Cinderella 3 today. As we watched the fairy tale be told, the phrase came out of the mouth of one of the stars somewhere during the watching of Cinderella 2:
Dreams really do come true!
To this, my 4 year old, without even taking a breath of pause, announced loudly and proudly:
But, our dreams don't come true!
As we all laughed, she interrupted our laughter to explain that she meant, quite literally, that our sleepy-time dreams - or rather nightmares - don't really happen. Although, I knew what she meant, the statement made me think. You know, sometimes it does seem like our dreams never come true.
We're told as children that we can do whatever we dream. But, then life happens. Our elegant coaches turn back into pumpkins at midnight. If the happenings of day-to-day life don't completely deplete our balloon of dreams, we've got a shot at happiness. It made me realize that the only way we can come out as winners is by realizing the everyday blessings, even if they seem mediocre and nothing to write home about.  No need for a magic wand. Most of us are lucky to experience our 2 minutes of fame, as they say. Others don't even ever get a shot at so much as that. Yet, it's not always the ones in the spotlight who seemingly have it all who are realizing their dreams have come true. Our dreams come true in the boring substance of everyday life. Our dreams come true when we are able to put our feet on the ground each morning because God has safely kept us through the night and given us another morning of breath. Our dreams come true when we sit down to eat and realize we will not go hungry today. Our dreams come true when the cold rain is falling, and we have a warm bed and home to shelter us from the storms. Sound boring and mediocre? Am I simply satisfied with very little. Perhaps! Or, maybe I just haven't realized yet that:
Dreams really do come true.......But, our dreams don't come true!

I'm OK with thrift-store priced dresses, mice who aren't coachmen and pumpkins that serve the purpose to only be eaten and not ridden in with style! How about you?

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