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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ken Ham From Answers In Genesis and Creation Museum Kicked Out Of Homeschool Conference

Last night I became aware of a situation that makes me cringe. I am particularly cringing because at the heart of the controversy is a publisher whom I have come to enjoy - Peace Hill Press. It involves religious beliefs. It involves a creationist who is adamant about his stance and another who is quite a bit more nonchalant about the details of creation.

As you may have heard by now, Ken Ham has been uninvited to The Great Homeschool Conventions. One of these conventions takes place in his own backyard in Cincinnati, OH not too far from his Creation Museum. Ken Ham is the Author of Answers In Genesis which is used by many homeschoolers. Because of comments Ken Ham made about a new Bible curriculum which he claims is not Biblical, he was ousted from the homeschool convention. Though, the convention is sticking to their guns that it is not because of his comments but because of his mean spirit in the matter. Here's more on the issue:

My article on the Issue!

Personally, I instruct my children at home from a Christian perspective. But, I do not use a pre-set curriculum to do this. So, I am not incredibly familiar with either Answers In Genesis, Peter Enns' new curriculum or Apologia. I have been referred, however, to Answers In Genesis on more than one occasion when I asked questions pertaining to creation. When I experienced Answers In Genesis, I found the approach of Ken Ham to be nothing even close to mean spirited. But, being human and passionate about his stance, I suppose it could happen. After all, last time I noticed, we all still appeared to be made up of human flesh and bones and emotions which make us less than Godly at times, or for some perhaps most of the time. And, having no history with The Great Homeschool Convention, I have no reason to distrust their statement as to why they disinvited Mr. Ham. But, I find it disheartening that arguments of this kind take place in such a small community of homeschoolers. On many occasions, I have been left baffled at the backbiting that can occur within the ranks of home educators. I don't know if it is because we tend to be independent folk who go against the flow of the trend or if there is a deeper reason. But, it seems to me, we could get a whole lot more done if we could stick firmly to our own beliefs while lovingly accepting others within our small community. I'm not talking tolerance because I do believe in living a life of purity and repentance, which involves change. I'm talking love and encouragement...To spur one another on, to encourage each other therefore through hymns, psalms and spiritual songs.....Or, just a kind word. But, to kick someone out of the ability to present his popular curriculum - Answers In Genesis - seems a bit drastic to me. Perhaps I'm wrong. I'm just sayin'! Many homeschooling parents are going to continue to teach their children from proven curriculum which they have come to trust and love regardless of who they see speak or present at a convention. We're just that way! We're pioneers.

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