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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frustrated As I Try To Step Inside Hans Christian Andersen Thumbelina

When I was a child, I had a book about Thumbelina. Perhaps this story was charming to other children, but I couldn't get past the cover this particular publisher chose to display the story. On the cover it had a rectangle placed in the center of a flower stem. The rectangle was made up of a picture of Thumbelina with a clear plastic overlay. The overlay had ridges making the Thumelina picture appear to be 3D. As a child, this made me crazy as it looked as though you could truly step inside the rectangle to share with Thumbelina. I attempted in my childlike, wreckless manner, to get inside that picture. I kept tryiing until the entire plastic ridged square was scratched beyond recognition and almost detached entirely from the front cover.

Perhaps, as a child, I knew something that gets lost in growing up. I wanted to literally climb inside that story.

The other day, I was on email or conducting a search or some sort of online activity, and came across the term, "international Children's Book Day!" I wondered, what is this? I was not aware there was an International day for this. Though, I was aware there was a National Children's Book Week. So, I began my search.

I discovered, that it is in honor of the fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen. The author wrote many stories that I just have taken for granted as being childhood stories that I imagine I must have thought just poofed out of the air because I never really stopped to consider who wrote them - Or, at least who wrote the original story.

Here's some great links to find out more about Hans Christian Anderson:

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