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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ebay Auction For Clean Water

After multiple miscarriages, God graciously granted me a beautiful and healthy baby girl.  During my pregnancy, my prayer was that my dry, barren womb would be a well-spring of life....That from my desert, there would be living water.  God heard my prayer.  My daughter's name, in fact, means "I am the Lord who answers!"

Knowing that God gives only good gifts, but not for us to contain and hide away, I wanted to give back.  My obvious choice was to select a mission who provides clean water to those who need it.  Whether it's from a disaster such as Hurricane Katrina or the Japan Tsunami, or from daily unclean water, I sought to provide clean water to those in a dry, thirsty, barren land.

I began to give back half of all my Ebay earnings to Samaritan's Purse Clean Water Mission.  But, as life would take its turns, this past year has brought me to a point of needing to use that money to pay down personal/family debt.  This was a decision filled with struggle as I believe in giving, but the Bible also instructs us to take care of our family as a priority.  In addition to this struggle, Ebay has rules.  Their rules state that sellers cannot promote auctions for charity unless they are sponsored through an organization called Mission Fish.  Wanting to follow Ebay's rules and still wanting to give in the meantime, I have set up an occasional auction where half of the proceeds go to Samaritan's Purse.  As my debt goes down, I hope to once again give back half off of every auction whether they are Mission Fish sponsored or just through my own giving.

Currently up for auction on Ebay through Mission Fish with half the proceeds going to Samaritan's Purse is this adorable doll.  He is a groom doll and would make a perfect gift for a bride to give her hubby, or for a ring bearer gift or just to have for his cuteness factor.  He is a good, large sized doll and is still inside original box.

Know that when you purchase this auction, you are giving a well-spring of clean water to those in need.  Not only tangible, drinkable water, but spiritual water as well because Samaritan's Purse is a Christian organization of Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) who spreads the gospel of Christ.

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