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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Warnings And Sirens Sounding: Do You Know What To Do?

Early this morning, Japan experienced an 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurring offshore causing tsunamis in Japan and tsunami warnings to be issued in Hawaii and the California coast. With the islands and warm beach coasts being heavily populated now with spring break visitors, it doesn't hurt to educate ourselves about tsunami safety. Even if you live inland, as I do, it's good to know what to do in case we find ourselves on a beach during such a warning. It's also good to educate our children and our families as to how we can help those affected.

Here's information about the earthquake. Keep in mind I wrote this article early this morning as news reports were being delivered. Originally, the earthquake was said to be a 7.9. This changed quickly with word it was believed to be an 8.8. That also was upgraded about 2:35 a.m. Central US time. If you've watched the video on the news of the wave sweeping over the city in Japan, you realize just how small we are and how little we control in this world. As I watched it, I came to a quick understanding that my life is like a speck of dust. Not to sound depressing! What that thought did for me was to turn to whom I believe to be the creator of the world and realize He is almighty, and I am not. Also, my prayers went up immediately for victims.

With spring break, the islands of Hawaii are more populated than a typical day. So, the potential catastrophe could be great. Here's the animated crab teaching about tsunamis. If nothing else, it's kinda cute. But, he shares a serious message: