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Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Review Of The Final Summit By Andy Andrews

What do a 1909 Lincoln penny, a black dog, an hour glass emptying of its sand, great leaders of our time, and a man named David Ponder have to do with your future or about how your child learns about history? To say I lost sleep over a book may leave the wrong impression. But, Andy Andrews' newest book caused me to do just that. I began reading the book one afternoon while my children played on the playground at a park. As I read, I sat perched at the turn of each page to read what it had to reveal. In fact, the next night, I stayed up well past 5:00 a.m. upon returning home and putting the kids to bed, reading this book that kept me riveted like very few books can.

I had the utter privilege of reviewing a book called The Final Summit by Andy Andrews made available to me through the Booksneeze program. I could not bring myself to close the covers until I knew the answer to the question posed in the book. The amazing journey that is a mix of mystery, intrigue and Night at the Museum history in the way "Travelers" are brought "back to life" to play into the story.

Best selling author, Andy Andrews writes this continuing story from an earlier book, The Traveler's Gift. The main character, David Ponder, returns with the fate of mankind in his hands. A much older man, the 74-year old Ponder is asked to perform a task vital to the future of civilization. This time, David Ponder is responsible to answer one final question. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, King David and names from history you may know very little about all come together to figure out the answer to a question posed from Gabriel, the Archangel. The question is:

What must humanity do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?
Think you know the answer? Find out in Andy Andrews' The Final Summit as The book explores historical principles that have been proven to guide some of the most well-known and greatest leaders of all time. Will David Ponder gain the knowledge needed from these great leaders in time to bring restoration before the end of all time, when it's too late to turn back?

I give this book 5 stars out of 5 stars. Not only was it a fascinating and a mind-probing read, but the book could successfully be used as a learning tool to incite enthusiasm in learning about those who shaped our world throughout history. As each historical figure is introduced and the reader given a brief description and insight into his or her life, it brings each character to life much like what was done in the Night At The Museum movies.

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