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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Help me win before April 20

Here we go! I really dislike imposing upon my friends to help me with anything. But, I am told this is truly a fault of mine. After all, no man is an island! Still, I resist putting my problems off onto my friends as I cherish friendships formed and don't want to abuse it in any way. But, I have an opportunity that could result in a writing opportunity that I've been waiting for. I will spare the details for now other than I need you! I need your help! The rules are a slight bit tricky, so please follow the easy instructions to make sure after you take the time to help me your efforts count! I remember being told in college and secretarial training to never write in a letter "Thank you in advance" as you are assuming the person will take action. But, I still feel the need rising up from within to thank you in advance. So, thank you! Here's the rules:

1) Like the Momsquawk Facebook Page

2) Click on this link of my Essay Contest Entry Note. Comment inside the link below the note.

3) A bonus at this point would be your kindness to also post this note and instructions on your facebook profile. OR - Just link to this blog post with all the necessary info. Thanks again, in advance! You're awesome!

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