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Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review Of Max Lucado Max On Life

Max Lucado has more than 25 years as a minister and writer. During this time, he has received thousands of quesions about life. In his latest book, Max On Life, he answers over 150 of some of the most common questions. I had the pleasure of reviewing Max Lucado's newest book, Max on Life through the BookSneeze program.

The book tackles questions from simple to spiritually complex, the book is separated in main categories with questions and answers to follow. These categories include topics on prayer, parenting, forgiveness, pains and hurts, faith, finances, hope, after life and more. At the end of the book are two cross-referencing sections. One allows the reader to look up specific topics to find the answers. The other allows the reader to look up scripture to back up the reasoning behind the answer given. The book also includes a section about Max's advice on the topic of publishing and writing.

It's not a book that is easy to read from cover to cover. It is more of a resource book. If you have a particular question about a specific topic, the reader can go to the back of the book and look up main key words and then go directly to the answer to their particular question. While I agree with most of what Max Lucado has to say, I am not theologically on target 100% with Max's spiritual views, but overall the answers given in the book at very least spurs one on to think deeper and to search the scriptures to find their answer in full. I found the book to be a good resource book for anyone especially for those in a helping field such as a counselor or pastor to use. It's also a good book to give as a gift to a friend or family member in a new stage of life such as a new graduate, someone getting married or having a baby or going through trials. I rate the book a 4 stars out of 5.

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