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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Lessons

Memorial Day has been said to be the official kickoff to summer. But, it is truly more than that. While backyard BBQs and swim parties can bring families and friends together to share and say thank you for freedoms int his country, it is not at the root of what Memorial Day is all about.

I'm not wanting to be preachy. I know you know Memorial Day is not a frivolous event. At least, if you are the family of a soldier lost fighting for those freedoms you know. If not, you may be one of the grateful ones. Or, you may just want to kick back and enjoy a day off at the pool without feeling guilty. You can do this because you have been given freedoms in this country.

Those freedoms did not come free. Because I do not want to preach away in this blog, I will direct you to a Website that will bring the message of Memorial Day home for homeschoolers.

The site is Vision Forum and they address this holiday! They present it well - Lessons from the battlefield!

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