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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama's bin Laden celebration, Cinco De Mayo or National Day of Prayer?

May 5 this year holds for many historical events. May 5 is, as the name implies, Cinco De Mayo. The day is also National Day of Prayer and the day the President will celebrate the end of Osama bin Laden. Which will you celebrate? Or, will you celebrate them all? Like any holiday, you can learn a lot about history and culture through the celebration of holidays like these even if you are not of a particular background, faith or political view.

Not wanting to speak my political opinions, I'll leave the choice to watch President Obama's celebration up to you. The capture and killing of bin Laden is certainly a historic event. However, the handlings of the aftermath have spurred a lot of controversy.

The day is also National Day of Prayer. The day falls on May 5 this year because it is to be honored on the first Thursday of May. There are celebrations and events all across America for people to gather and pray. You can read more about the National Day of Prayer including lesson plans and teaching children about prayer at this article:

National Day of Prayer

And, of course, May 5 is Cinco De Mayo as the name implies. There's lots of traditions to enjoy on Cinco De Mayo. There are confetti eggs that are used by blowing out the yolk and filling with confetti. There are pinatas filled with candy and treats. There is salsa and chips and Mexican food. There is even a way to make a Mexican flag out of veggies for the health-lovers.

Here's some links to some great online learning:

Cinco De Mayo

Frugal Salsa Recipes and Veggie Flag of Mexico

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