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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Socialization Car Schooling and Homeschooling Gear

Find my homeschool gear here!

On a lighter note, I have heard about Cafe Press for a long time now. The other day, I decided to design my own merchandise. Rather, tongue in cheek I immediately put together a couple designs that hit home for me and put a smile on my face. One of the hot buttons with homeschoolers is the 'S' word - Socialization! The other is the idea that many don't stay at home when conducting their daily classrooms. After many dance lessons, swimming lessons, tumbling, etc. it dawned on me one day that I did a lot of "Car-Schooling." So, I designed another line of merchandise that involves the idea of car-schooling. There are t-shirts, messenger bags, bibs, onesies, doggie t-shirts, totes, coffee cups and just about anything you can ever want in homeschooling gear. I hope you find something you like.

As a homeschooler, people often ask me why I homeschool. One day when someone asked me, I responded:

Because of socialization! That's why I homeschool!

Of course, I got a very strange look and more questions to follow. But, what I meant by my response was true. Socialization is one of the main reasons why I homeschool. I believe that by homeschooling my children, I can provide for them a solid foundation. If they have a solid foundation and know they are loved, they will develop confidence. Once they develop confidence, they are free to excel at what God has gifted them with. If I throw them into a social environment where there is no encouragement and no loving foundation, they are left to believe their peers' opinions of who they are. I don't believe in throwing my newborn into an ocean full of sharks to teach him to swim. I believe that my elementary education in a public school taught me a lot about standing in line, not making waves, obtaining a hall pass to use the restroom, etc. But, life at home after school as one of four children taught me how to share, that I was loved no matter what and that there was always a shoulder to cry on and a big brother ready to stand up for my causes.

I know there are plenty who will agree with me on this point and many others who will disagree with me. If you disagree, maybe that is because I haven't adequately described my position. Or, maybe it's because we simply disagree. But, if you homeschool because of socialization or if you car-school, take a look at the Cafe Press shop and hopefully it will at least bring a little chuckle to your day!

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