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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Stay At Home Mom's SAHM Job Resume

A stay at home mom is so much more than "just" a mom. And, the stay-at-home mom who also homeschool may actually qualify for even more. In fact, she might just qualify for a whole lot more. Following is a stay at home mom's resume'.

Manager - A Stay-at-home mom is great at multi-tasking management of running a household. She is the chief (or one of) decision maker for every choice associated with the household and the children.

Teacher - A homeschooling mom is obviously the main instructor in her children's lives. But, even the non-homeschooler stay-at-home mom teaches her children. She is the first teacher her child encounters.

Nurse - Scrapes, bruises, cuts and emergency room visits. The stay-at-home mom is not just a nurse, bur a triage nurse making decisions on when it's time to visit a doctor or an emergency room for advanced help. But, daily there are little boo boos that require tender care.

Maid - Stay-at-home moms are constantly tidying up. As she cleans, a new mess is following her.

Chef - A stay-at-home mom is head chef and cook. All meal planning is cooking is usually done by mom.

Taxi Driver - A stay-at-home mom is a term that is not true. Stay-at-home moms do so much more than "stay." She does a lot of driving and shuttling children to and from lessons, church and more.

Secretary - A stay-at-home mom takes notes whether mentally or written about her children. As they grow, she will also field phone calls, etc.

Accountant - Many stay-at-home moms also balance the check book and pay the bills to keep a household afloat.

Police - If a stay-at-home mom has more than one child, she is daily a police woman. Constant policing of her children's behavior and stepping into the middle of fights.

Judge (sibling disputes) - When the children get into bickering arguments, a stay-at-home mom is the one who decides who is right and who is wrong and what is fair.

Counselor - A stay-at-home mom counsels her children. This includes a listening ear and wiping tears.

Actress - From puppet shows to putting on a happy face, a stay-at-home mom can be quite an actress.

Film maker (video) - A stay-at-home mom with a video camera is quite the film maker and documentary. She documents her children's growing up.

Photographer - A stay-at-home mom with a camera and a child is a perfect combination.

Zookeeper - If a stay-at-home mom also has pets in the house, she is a bit of a zookeeper. If not pets are in the house, she may just be in charge of sorting out the stuffed animals.

Lifeguard - Any stay-at-home mom with a child near a beach or swimming pool takes on the role of lifeguard with a very keen eye to protect her children from danger.

Masseuse - Some stay-at-home moms offer infant massage to relieve stress and help children calm down for a nap or sooth aching muscles.

Dietitian - A stay-at-home mom plans meals and makes them as nutritious as possible.

Fashion Designer - A stay-at-home mom coordinates hers and her children's wardrobe. This can be quite the challenge when the teen years approach and disagreements ensue.

Waitress - A stay-at-home mom often takes on the role of waitress by serving in many way.

Hostess - A stay-at-home mom plays hostess to her children's friends who stop by unannounced at dinner time, for instance.

Hair Stylist - A stay-at-home mom often takes on learning to cut her child's hair to save money. If she doesn't do the actual cutting and trimming, she will at least encourage proper grooming.

Seamstress - Many stay-at-home moms try their hand at making clothes for her children. If she does not, she at least will make herself handy with a needle and thread to mend a torn doll or sock.

Reporter - A stay-at-home mom often keeps a journal and reports the growing up happenings and behaviors of her soon-grown child.

Writer - A stay-at-home mom may keep a journal about her child's good points. She may write a diary to free up her thoughts or she may jot down some little encouraging love notes for her child to find.

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