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Friday, May 20, 2011

Teaching with the Beatles

Anyone who has tried to teach a child, especially a very young child, comes to realize quickly that music plays a very important role in getting the material to stick in the child's memory. Studies have been conducted that the music of Mozart can actually improve a child's math skills. It is thought that it somehow stimulates the part of the brain that processes mathematical equations. There may be numerous genres of music available that are not necessarily beneficial to learning, but if facts set to a tune help get the message across, it's a fantastic learning tool.

The Beatles have been an American icon since they first came onto the United States' music scene in February of 1964. They may not stimulate mathematical processing in the brain, but they did change the way music was played throughout America. By today's standards, their original sound was really quite basic. With a strong guitar sound and British accents, the group was a sensation. In July, one of their photos from their first concert will be auctioned off through Christies. You can find out more about this auction, the photo and the photographer here. Many musical groups have taken on the sound and look of the Beatles throughout the years. One such group is called Ticket To The Beatles!

With all this love for the sound of the Beatles, maybe their songs can inspire learning. Here's a few videos that use the music of the Beatles to teach other facts:

Let It Be - Letter B:

Beatles parody (II) - Sesame Street by beautifulcynic

Hello Goodbye: Early reading/opposites:

Back in the USSSR: History/Ulysses S. Grant:

Help - Science/Electrons:

Help - Very fun artistic typography:

Imagine - Math:

Asteroids Across the Universe - Science:

1 comment:

  1. I definitely think music helps with learning. And learning with the Beatles would be unforgettable!