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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Tornado And Lessons Of Science

Tornadoes have swept through numerous states leaving devastating damage, injuries and even loss of lives. When a tornado strikes, it seemingly haphazardly leaps over some areas while completely destroying others. Some seasons are more deadly than others. Is there a science behind this?

This article from Live Science explains their reasoning behind scientific causes to these tornadoes!

Tornadoes typically hit the midwestern or plain states, but can crop up elsewhere if conditions are right for it. So, educate yourself as to what to do if a tornado hits your area. This articles gives some helpful tips on tornado safety!

The devastation of these recent tornadoes in places like Joplin, MO; Alabama and Oklahoma have left loss of life which adds to other areas such as Bridgeton, MO and others who left people with life but no houses or belongings. People are left grieve, rebuild and live on. These devastations leave an opportunity for the rest of us to teach our children how to give. Giving can be done hands-on with help of clean up, through giving canned goods or bottled water or through raising funds to send to the areas to offer a hope for their future. Teaching compassion is a lesson that is not easily learned through a text book alone.

And of course, there are other practical lessons from the tornado that can be learned from a book. Most are familiar with a tornado in a bottle experiment.

This is a safe way to show the extreme power of a tornado.

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