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Friday, May 27, 2011

Science for Kids: Physics Behind Levers And Catapults

Physics sounds ominous and way too far over the heads of many to be able to instruct it. But, it's not. The laws of physics may seem unattainable to teach, but much of these complex laws can be boiled down to simple explanations and demonstrations. These laws pre-date their discoverers such as Newton. King David put the laws of physics to good use when he pulled out a slingshot and killed the giant.

Yesterday, my children had a blast learning laws of physics involving levers and projectory. We build this easy-to-make catapult out of a paper cup that we had left over from a Christmas party, a rubber band that came in a bundle of mail and a plastic spoon. After we built it, the kids had fun launching salt water taffy into the air. Surprisingly, even my 4 year old shot that taffy clear across the dining room and halfway through the living room with her little hands launching the catapult. Don't worry! We did not aim the taffy toward anyone or anything that would be breakable.

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