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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help Your Child Write: Write Dudes Writing Grips Review

Does your child struggle with handwriting? Do they deal with dyslexia or other issues that make learning and writing challenging? If so, it's time to get excited because there is a fabulous product that can help!

Writing grips help make writing easier for children because it provides a soft texture in the proper place for the child to quickly and easily hold the pen or pencil correctly. There are several styles of writing grips on the market. Some focus on specific needs. The Write Dude writing grip is really easy to use. It slides onto a pencil or pen easily and then grips into place. The outside of the grip is a rubbery feel with raised stars, making it noticeable when the fingers are on the right place. The Write Dude people call them their "Fashion Grips." They come in a variety of colors and several to one pack which can be found at Target, Office Max or Office Depot. Who would think one trip to an office supply store could solve a learning issue.

In addition to the writing grips, the company has an 18-pack of retractable pens available that come in a variety of really cool colors and have a built-in grip positioned in the correct spot for holding and writing comfort.

I agreed to review the Write Dudes line of writing grips, which the package refers to as "Fashion Grips," but I was jumping up and down when I received a nice variety of other products the company offers as well. Let me just say, I had 3 children begging me to use them. So, we went to town trying them out and fell in love!

The other products I sampled include a pack of #2 pencils which are Made In The USA (whoo hoo!) That was exciting to note. Also, we enjoyed the 8-piece pencil pack of sparkly colors and the girly, mod colored flowery 15-piece pencil set complete with flower-shaped erasers that fit on the end of the pencil, and a pencil sharpener that swivels to close when not in use - nice feature!

We were also thrilled with their highlighter which is more of a flourescent, see-through crayon as it does not make a mess or bleed through the paper. My 4 year old went to town highlighting her Bible after I gave her the go-ahead. I was amazed at how easy and non-messy this was. They also have the typical markers that have a pretty sparkly design on the outside, which by the way did not leave a mess either, and gel pens in a variety of colors for highlighting and artistic fun.

Note: I was given a package of Write Dudes writing grips and other writing products from Write Dudes to review, but everything I chose to write is 100% my opinion.

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