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Friday, July 1, 2011

Why do we celebrate 4th of July?: Best 4th of July videos

It's almost time for another 4th of July. Over the years, I've celebrated several - as a child, as an engaged female, as a wife, as a mother and now as a home educating mother. I've gone from enjoying being a part of the vast amount of people at our city's downtown Fair St. Louis to having an air-conditioned picnic with KFC in front of a television showing fireworks with the Boston Pops music in the background. I've run the gamut. I even remember the 1976 bi-centennial 4th of July - Yes, that makes me old I guess, as some of my homeschooling and parenting friends were not even born yet at that time. I have written articles on lapbook lessons and 4th of July crafts, and enjoyed the freebie crafts that the library has offered over the years to help our family celebrate in style.

I know the date goes far beyond fireworks and backyard BBQs. I know that many have died to bring me the freedoms I enjoy. I appreciate the pioneers of the homeschooling movement who went before me. But, while some spent time under the gun with the law, I do not believe any died for this freedom (I could be wrong). But, people did die to bring about the freedoms America enjoys. For this, I am forever grateful. But, repaying this act is an impossible and daunting task. So, we celebrate instead of mourn the loss because their loss brought about great gain to our country and the freedoms we enjoy. And, the best I can do is say: "Thank You!" And, to live my life in a way that brings honor to my God and to those who lost their life to give me the freedom to do so.

The fireworks we watch is to remind us of the guns firing in wars that brought about freedoms. The parades are to honor those who went before us. The red, white and blue crafts are in honor of our flag - whom I proudly pledge allegiance to, under God. The red represents the blood that was shed. The celebration is because our freedoms were not defeated, but despite the incredible loss of lives, we were ultimately victorious.

Shifting gears is a bit awkward, but I wanted to find and share some of the best 4th of July videos I have found. Enjoy your freedom to watch:

I tried to screen every video with a scrutinizing eye. In this one, there is bikini-clad females and mention of beer and one interviewer that slips a curse word. But, the overall meaning of the video was so important, that I have decided to include it (it just may be for adult eyes and not for necessarily for children - use your own judgment):

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