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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teaching To Learning Styles with Exercise Balls, LEGOS and Visual Cues

Do you ever feel like you're droning on and on and on when you read something to your child. It's as if you're talking but no one is listening, or even interested in listening. Or, perhaps, one child gets it plain as day when you read, but the others do not. Why? This is probably because one child is an auditory learner while the others are visual or kinesthetic or tactile.

Kinesthetic learners can be a challenge to instruct for the parent who would prefer to sit quietly while instructing. This is because they require constant motion. Some schools have even gone to using exercise balls for the children to sit on while they listen to instruction as it gives them movement which helps these learners learn best.

Teaching visual learners is all about providing enough instruction through the child's sense of vision. This can be done in a number of ways, by using video, pictures, large books or visual cues. Following is a great article on how to use visual cues to help students learn:

What Are Visual Cues And Teaching With Visual Cues

For the Hands-On Learner, the one who understands through the sense of touch, toys like LEGOS can prove to be your best friend. You can even instruct complicated theories and teaching such as how physics & mechanics work, by using LEGOS. Following is a fun article that explains how to use LEGOS to teach Mechanics in Physics:

Teach Physics & Mechanics With LEGOS

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