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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Couldn't Just Happen Book Review: My New Science Curriculum

I just found my son's new science curriculum for the year!  It came unexpectedly, in the form of a book I was sent to review; and fell in love with.  It Couldn't Just Happen Knowing the Truth about God's Awesome Creation, by Lawrence O. Richards, is incredibly written and perfect for my middle-school aged boy.  The book is published by Tommy Nelson and was provided to me, for my review, from the Book Sneeze program.  My review is 100% my opinion.

The author, who is a retired seminary professor, uses a creation-based approach to answer scientific questions associated with creation vs. evolution.  The book begins with questions of the universe, planets, and how the earth couldn't have just happened by chance.  Using the Bible as a source, the author explains that it was designed by a creator.  It, then, progresses to answer questions about human life - all the time explaining how science in the lab works.  It continues on by presenting evidence provided by living things. The book continues in a scientific progression, unabashedly proving creation to be fact. The conclusion of the book explains the Gospel that is presented in the Bible as truth.  When you have finished the book, you will have a complete set of apologetic-style notes that back up creation from a scientific view.

Including the Index and Notes, the book is 248 pages of a complete year's worth of what can be used as science curriculum for the creation science teacher.  With 20 units, broken down into 5 main sections; the book can easily be used to delve into science lessons from a creationist perspective.

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