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Monday, August 8, 2011

Real-Life Art History: American Gothic

Do you recognize this painting?  It's the American Gothic painting, by Grant Wood (photo from Wikipedia).

This weekend, we were at a family reunion in Iowa.  But, as per the typical homeschooling family, we take the most of every opportunity to turn it into a lesson.  We had this chance on Saturday.

Even though I grew up visiting my aunt's house, I had no idea she lived so close to the site where the American Gothic painting was inspired.  You know the picture of the two farmers standing plain faced, holding pitchforks in front of a house.  Well, that house is in Eldon, Iowa.  This weekend, we saw it first hand.

Unfortunately, we didn't get there in time to go inside the museum and to get the pitchforks and costumes for the picture.  Regardless, we went ahead and took our own pics.  The painting, American Gothic, is a painting created by artist Grant Wood.  What a great lesson in hands-on art history

The grounds of the museum, located next door to the house, also had a gorgeous garden.  I couldn't help but take pics:

Photo credits:  Wikipedia and Tere Scott

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