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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our New History Curriculum: A Patriot's A To Z of America Things Every Good American Should Know

When I was asked to review a book about America, I agreed.  I received the book and read what it was about and started to get excited when I noticed that the author, Edward P. Moser, also wrote speeches for George H. W. Bush as well as for Jay Leno's Tonight Show.  This piqued my interest, as I cracked open the cover.  It was when I began to read the chapters that I became immersed into every word I was soaking in.  And, I wanted to know more.

As I read about Clara Barton, the Apollo Moon Mission, and the Manhattan Project; I knew this book was to become my new history curriculum for my kids.  The author took 60 historical events and filled over 250 pages, breaking each event down alphabetically and by bite-size chapters.  The small chapters give you enough information to make you want to delve deeper into a full-fledged study of each event.  It is not presented in a dry, boring manner.  The author is a master at summarizing the facts and leaving readers on the edge of their seats wanting more.  He covers important segments of history that even you, the adult, may have missed in your studies growing up and interesting facts you may not have known before.

For instance, did you know that Clara Barton was so shy as a kid that she often couldn't even eat?  Did you know where the Manhattan Project was conducted?  Did you know how computers came to be?  You will find the answers to these and so much more inside the covers of this book that could be turned into a year-long history curriculum.

The book is available at Amazon.com, Turnerpublishing.com, and Barnes & Noble!

This review is 100% my opinion, and I received nothing as payment other than a review copy of the book.

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