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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review of Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Reading Program for Ages 3-13

It's happening!  My newly-turned 5 year old is learning to read.  She is not officially Kindergarten age yet, but has been asking to learn to read.  So, I began using the "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons" book.  It was going very well, and I plan to continue using it.  We are on lesson #46, and she is reading lots of words and deciphering letter sounds.  Then, I got an invitation from homeschool.com to review Reading Eggs.  I was not paid for this review other than receiving a free trial access to the Reading Eggs Program.

Reading Eggs is an online program filled with over 500 learning lessons, complete with games that teach Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to test it out.  She enthusiastically agreed.

I was thrilled to watch her interact with these cute online characters as she sounded out letters and found words.  However, to my complete amazement, what excited me the most was when she reached the end of the lesson and rambled off the words in a storybook which was on the screen.  The program allows for the story to be read to your child, while your child reads along.  She wanted nothing to do with the help.  She turned off the sound and wanted to tackle it herself.  And, she did a great job!  I was floored.  She then, continued through several more lessons.  At the end of each set of 10, I received a progress report in my inbox.  The progress reports were complete, telling me what letters and words she had learned and how she did.

The program is quite impressive as it combines all the essential elements to learning to read and write with fun animated characters and games that a child can understand and conquer.  The lessons progress.  You can choose to start at age/grade level, or have your child take a placement test.  I started my learning-to-read 5 year old at the beginning, which she found very easy.  I imagine it was easy because these lessons are geared toward the pre-schooler.  After she had finished 30 lessons, they began to become more challenging.

Even more excited is that the Reading Eggs program now has launched their "Reading Eggspress" program for older kids.  So, my 4th grader got to get in on the review as well.  The Reading Eggspress takes reading to a higher skill level with challenging vocabulary words and more, still presented in a fun manner.  My 4th grader took the placement test to begin, and placed at a 4.2 level.  So, she is right on par with where she should be and will most likely improve as she learns more.

I would definitely recommend Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress to anyone who has a child learning to read, struggling with vocabulary, or just wanting to keep learning.

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