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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Flexibility Of Homeschooling and a Walk Around the Lake

I think one of the things I enjoy most about homeschooling is the flexibility it allows.  For instance, today it is unseasonably warm where I live.  So, this means I can pack up the kids and head to the park.  We'll get in some PE if nothing else.  But, our trips to the park always include so much more.

For mommy - The park involves a walk around the large lake.  I need the exercise, and it prepares me for sittng at the playground while they play later.  But, these walks provide so much more than exercise.

While we walk, we talk.  We talk about anyting that comes up.  In our talks we have uncovered topics that range from "Oh, look at that leaf" to "the beautiful sunset our God chose to paint the sky with" to "the art of animation programs, and how to turn a ripple on the lake, and blowing blades of grass into a picture on a computer screen that moves".

We have talked about philosophy, science, politics, cute things the children say, photography, math, engineering, technology, and the like.  You name it, it has probably come up in our walks around that lake.

Of course, we also talk about fairness, and how not to change the rules in a game of "I'll race you to that bench".

The flexibility to pick up and go is what got us there.  The flexibility to incorporate schooling into real life, and not the other way around, is where my children embrace learning that sticks.  From time to time, they will bring up our conversations, and have a full understanding of what we discussed.  Or, they might ask questions about something they didn't quite grasp at the time.

This is how my family learns best - Through the flexibility of homeschooling.

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