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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Falling Behind Resolutions So Soon? 2012 Is Already Flying By

Where did the last 3 years go?  My youngest is supposed to still be in diapers toddling around.  Who stole these days from me?  I woke up this morning to January 10.  January 10?  It has already been 10 days since the start of 2012.  My husband hurriedly got out of bed and announced he was going to get his hair cut, followed by, "It's been 5 weeks since I last had it cut."  What?  Seems like he was just walking out the door prior to Christmas with his last cut.  Where have these days gone?

My girls started back to school yesterday (at their choosing).  My son will start back today.  Of course, for a homeschooling mom, starting back to school doesn't mean a break.  It means back to work....  To work at teaching.

So 10 days ago, I set some goals.  And, I've already fallen behind...  This is why I don't make the New  Year resolutions.  To me, a promise is a serious matter.  So, I set goals that I hope to attain but do not promise to do so.

Among these goals were a closer spiritual walk.  Sadly to say, this came as a prompted goal when I saw a friend post a similar desire on her Facebook status.  I thought -  *gulp* - why did that one not occur to me?  So, I included it.  Truly, I want a closer spiritual walk with my Lord Jesus.  And, sadly I've become a bit numb in recent years due to church politics, people who call themselves Christians letting me down, and whatnot.  So, I add it to my goals for 2012.  Put the pain aside, and slip into the arms of quiet time with my Savior.  So far, this has included an effort to get back into reading the Word (Bible).

Another goal was to blog more.  Honestly, I want to blog every weekday morning.  OK, so I've blogged - what?  2 days this new year?  I don't even know what the count is.  But, I do know it's lacking far behind my goal.

I have managed to spend some more time with my children.  And, I did get my first two e-books published.  I even have my very own Author's Page.  Published yesterday on Amazon, and my books will be made free tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday.  After the initial excitement of realizing my works were available for sale, I am now in panic mode wondering if I am just under the illusion that I can actually write something people will want to pay to read....  Writer's remorse?  Regardless, if you download my works, I hope you find them enjoyable and useful.  And, if you do, will you write a review on Amazon?

Here's the links if you're interested:

Free on January 11 - eBay Seller's Secrets (20 essential household items)
Free on January 12 - How to repair, repurpose children's clothing

I am about to head toward fulfilling some more of my goals set 10 days ago.  Where does the time go?

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