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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Did It! I Published An E-Book on Amazon Kindle

Whew!  I did it!  I actually published my first e-book on Amazon through their KDP Amazon program.  It's no small feat to attempt to write a book (albeit more of a pocket guide) while attempting to keep up with other online writing, eBay selling, helping with my hubby's performances and tending to homeschooling and caring for 3 amazing children.  But, I did it!

I was given advice that How-To books about a subject a person has experience in sell the best.  So, I went to town writing about my experience with eBay.  I have tons of experience over the past 10 years.  Not only has eBay changed several times over in their approach and layout, but I have changed as I learned with each and every encounter I had.

I met some amazing people through eBay.  I have also encountered some grumps and those who gave me the creeps.  Overall, it has been a learning experience that has brought in some money to pay down debt.  It has also been a nice way to hand off clothing and toys which the kids have outgrown.  And, it has been a money-saving place to find curriculum (though one of eBay's changes over the years has made selling teacher's guides to be not one of the benefits).

I don't want to turn a blog post into a sales pitch, so this is purely optional.  But, if you are curious about my e-book, you can download it for free (today only) here!

If you do, I hope you like it because something happened to me that I didn't expect.  In all the excitement of publishing the book and getting it out there for readers to have access to it, once it was done I had what I call is writer's remorse.  This is the overwhelming feeling of "ugh!  What have I done?  What if someone buys it, and they absolutely hate it?"  It's a dreadful feeling.

So, I hope you enjoy it.  However at the free download, how can you go wrong - right?

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