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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just the Facts: Why I Love Writing for Factoidz.com

This year marks my third year of writing online. It all started when I was scooped up as a homeschooling expert to cover local stories. And then, through it all, I also discovered Factoidz.com.

At Factoidz.com, I was able to write on any topic I felt comfortable. The community of writers and editors were very inviting and welcoming.

I have written about a number of topics ranging from my experience with a Neti Pot to facts about Japan to health concerns in children (like does my child have diabetes?) to facts about Japan to what your child needs to know before babysitting. I have discovered that I really like writing about holidays (like Ground Hogs Day) and how they help kids learn.

I have now been ranked an expert #1 in parenting and family time, #2 on childhood obesity, and #3 in child safety.

If you are interested in joining a team of warm, welcoming writers - It's very easy to apply. Click here and go through the process of applying. Oh, and if you wouldn't mind, please use my link so you can be my affiliate. If it doesn't ask - My number is: 4S3744.

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