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Monday, February 6, 2012

Learn to Sew and Cake Decorate at JoAnns

Buttons fall off.
Socks get holes in them.
Shirts get torn.

And, these are just the beginnings of how knowing basic sewing or crafting skills come in handy.

I saw this email in my inbox this morning from JoAnns Fabric & Craft Stores.  I see these emails quite frequently, so I wasn't surprised to see it.  However, I have always wanted to have my children take part in what they offer. I just never have signed them up.  So, I thought - perhaps, you'd like to see what JoAnns Stores has to offer too.

Here's the link to their Kids' Studio classes!

Your child (age 5 and up) can learn to sew a cute little felt robot-looking doll.  It's very cute and possibly well worth the cost of the class.

Children ages 8 and up can learn much more.  There are pillows to sew, quilting to learn, knitting, basic sewing skills as well as cake decorating can be learned at JoAnns.

Even if you're a skilled seamstress, sometimes the days just run away from us in terms of time.  Before you know it, the child is 10, 13, 18 and never learned the basics of sewing.  And, depending on the temperament of the child, the patience level required to teach hands-on skills like these may be something you just don't naturally enjoy.  After all, homeschooling your child does not necessarily mean you naturally have the skills of Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie in every regard.  And, if you do happen to come by these skills naturally - My hat's off to you with utmost respect.  The rest of us might enjoy a class or summer camp at JoAnns.

Just thought I'd share!

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