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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 Reasons to Homeschool - What's Yours?

I saw this article today:

12 Most Compelling Reasons to Homeschool

I thoroughly enjoyed it and the concept behind it.  In the process of exploring the article, it made me start to think:  Why do I homeschool?

If you haven't asked yourself this question, you've - no doubt - been asked it from a stranger.  I will never forget the dropped jaw look on one asker's face when I responded that I homeschool because of Socialization.

Yes, sometimes it's a little fun to offer a shocking answer just to see the response.  However, there is truth to my reply.  I do firmly believe that homeschooling is the only environment where I can properly socialize my children.  I do not personally see any socializing benefit in plopping 30 same-age students into a classroom.  I do, however, see the benefit in crowd and lesson control in this classroom scenario.

But, socialization to me goes beyond just relating to your peers.

I often hear how homeschooled children are way too sheltered, and how will they ever learn to make it in the "real world"?  This question is so funny to me.  They are already in the "real world".  It is the group of 30 children sitting behind a desk among only children their own age (some even only among same age and same gender) who are not learning how to function in the real world.  Not even a jury of your peers provides for this much in similarity.

Homeschooled children, on the other hand, interact with all aged people.  And, this is what inspired me to homeschool long before my children were even ever conceived.  My husband and I sat through a business meeting with a woman, who happened to bring along her 8 year old daughter.  This little girl is the one who inspired me to homeschool.  She sat poised and happy throughout the entire meeting - not squirming or complaining or pulling out a handheld electronic game.  She even - *gasp* - interacted with us (the adults).  At the end of the meeting, I commented on how well this child handled conversation with adults.  Since the meeting was with a woman who worked part-time at a private Christian school, I had assumed her daughter also attended this school.  Wrong!  To my amazement, the girl was homeschooled.

The reasons behind why I homeschool may differ from my favorite benefits that come from homeschooling.  While I homeschool for socialization reasons (among which also include laying an adequate Christian foundation for my children), I find additional benefits in homeschooling as well.  For starters, my favorite benefit is the flexibility it allows me to not only be able to pick up and go at a moment's notice; but also to interject any and all learning tools.

What are your reasons to homeschool?  And what is your favorite benefit from homeschooling?

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