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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Matters of Life and Death

This morning I woke up to the news that the mother of a friend I have known from childhood, lost her battle with cancer.  In the last few days, I also got the news that a neighbor and church friend lost her dad.  All this makes me think of matter of life and death.

The mother of my friend lived through struggles.  Her husband left her when her children were in elementary or middle school.  She had to move into a townhome to raise the 3 kids.  The kids were my friends.  I remember the heartache.  But, I also remember this woman's laugh.

I have always thought that when I'm gone, I don't want people to mourn my passing.  However, this has made me realize that when I'm gone, the thing I want people to miss most is my laugh.  More importantly - I want my laugh to bring joy to those around me now, while I'm still living.

I don't want my children to remember that I kept a harsh schedule.
I don't want my children to remember me on my not-so-happy days
I don't want my children to remember me scowling or screaming or upset.
I don't want my children to remember that I worked all day long.

I want my children to remember my laugh.

I want them to remember my laugh because it is a reflection of the joy Christ has put in my life.  I want them to reach out and grab hold of this joy.

I want them to know they brought happiness to my heart - Just because I was allowed the privilege of carrying them in my womb, birthing them and holding them in my arms.

I want them to know they filled my mouth and my heart with laughter.

I don't want this laugh to be remembered as a mocking laugh as if I am superior in some way.  But rather, a welcoming laugh - One that warms the soul of all who hear it.  Not, a cackle or a devious laugh - But, one that fills the air with an uplifting welcome mat of praise - Praise to the one who gave me the ability and reason to laugh.

Have you laughed today?

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