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Friday, February 24, 2012

Organize your life on the go or at home with Clipix


Organization is the key to staying afloat in this busy world filled with demands of motherhood, relationships, marriage and a work life.   clipix is an online site that helps you group interesting websites, pictures, books, articles and ideas into categories that make it easy to refer back to or share with others.  They even have an iPad app to make organizing easy on the go when you’re not at your home or desktop.

Homeschooling can be a full-time endeavor of 24/7 one-on-one with your kiddos.  In the midst of this, I tend to have grand ideas of what I want to teach my children, crafts and activities I think would be fun.  However, when the time comes, I tend to forget where I saw the idea.

You have your day planned out and then wham!  Along comes an interruption. Clipix allows you to upload pictures, spreadsheets and documents from your own computer to group into one Clip.  Mark it as viewable only by you for privacy.  You can easily drag the Clipix button to your bookmark bar to make it easy to immediately Clip a link while surfing the net.   

Share your boards with anyone you like with their “syncboards” or keep them private, visit the Clipix community, search other Clipix.  Like and reclip others’ clips.  You decide who sees your Clipix.  Make your Clipix private or available to Friends or everyone.  One of my favorite features is that if the article or site you want to clip doesn’t have an image it’s no problem.  You can type in your own title as your thumbnail.  And, you can create multi-board by dragging boards into each other to combine them.

Grouping pictures by date or special occasion

I take tons of pictures.  Sometimes I even file them off in an organized manner.  Usually finding one involves my remembering the year or month it occurred and uncovering a disc, flash drive or photo album where it is filed.  This takes time.  With Clipix.com, I can file pictures on each child’s board and even include pics of things each child is interested in.  This makes a personalized photo album record of each of their lives,but it remains private.  It’s also a great place to include pictures of art work that’s too bulky to keep but you want a documented memory of it.

It looks like this:

Other ways to use Clipix include:

Planning birthday parties, holidays, vacations or gift ideas.

Here’s a screen shot of my boards so far.  Check back in a month, and I'm sure they will have grown:

Clipix and forget it till the time comes when I need to pull it up.  What will your Clipix boards look like?

Here's a video to give you an even better idea of what it's all about:

Visit Clipix and sign up today.  Once you get started, you’ll fall in love.  Please comment below how you plan to use Clipix and join me in the fun way to organize your life.

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