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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Giveaway: Spot-It Game By Blue Orange Review

I was thrilled recently when the Blue Orange games company contacted me to ask if I was interested in sampling their newest game (Spot-It) to write a review.  I couldn't wait to receive the game to give it a go and write what I thought.  So, here it is:

  • My review of the Spot-It Game by Blue Orange

  • How you can win your own Brand New Spot-It Game

The company Blue Orange Games describes the game like this:
Truly Amazing. There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any 2 cards in this game. Spot it and you win. There are only 8 symbols on each card, but 2 matching symbols may be different sizes. This challenge increases as new cards are quickly revealed in this fast-paced game.

Spot it contains four fast, challenging mini-party games in which all players play simultaneously. The Tower, The Well, The Hot Potato, and The Poisoned Gift can be played in any order, or you can just play your favorites. The bottom line is, have fun. 
My daughters wanted to play immediately upon receiving the package.  So, I sat down with my newly-turned 10-year-old and my 5 1/2 year old (even though, the package states that it is recommended for ages 7 and up).  I fully expected for my youngest to need some help.

To my amazement, even the youngest picked up on all five games fairly quickly.  Within no time at all, we were all matching pictures and having fun learning names of shapes with fun-to-say descriptions (such as the ying-yang symbol).  There are also pictures of trees, green apples, snowflakes, lady bugs, cheese, suns, hearts, and other fun shapes.

All five of the games come with well-written descriptions (which I appreciated highly since I often have difficulty understanding game rules until I actually see the game being played).  This was not the case with Snap-It.  I understood the rules as written and was able to explain each game to my daughters.

Travel Size - The game comes in a really handy (pun intended) round container that can easily slip into  your purse or suitcase for travel.  It is about the size of an adult's palm.  In fact, we plan on taking it along when we visit the beach this summer.  No, we probably won't play it out on the sand by the ocean.  However, there is plenty of downtime in the evening where the family kicks back with games.

Educational - Now for the best part.  The game is very educational (in a fun-filled kind of way).  It is all about matching, speed, identification and vocalizing your discoveries.  The games can become quite fast paced and competitive.  It is recommended for ages 7+, but I think (even if you have to slow it down for a minute) emerging readers would really benefit from this game as it uses matching skills between large and small pictures.  This is a foundation skill for reading.  It also taps into a mathematical aspect (counting, shapes and sizes) as well as vocabulary and vocalizing.

How You Can Win A Game of Spot-It - If you want to learn through play with your own game of Spot-It, here's how you can enter to win (Make sure you complete the steps that are marked as mandatory to be entered to win):

.....Click on the Raflecopter giveaway link below and follow the instructions for your change to win---

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  1. educational during our homeschooling day

  2. Sounds like a game my whole family would enjoy.

  3. Looks like a fun game to play on some upcoming road trips. My children love games!