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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Books from Schiffer for Kids

Schiffer Books has released a new line of books for kids.  And, they are spectacular!  The publishing company sent me some of their kids' books in exchange for an honest review.  So, here is what I thought:

Bugs In Shoes - This book by Beth Wilder is absolutely adorable with it's cute rhythmic flow throughout. It is perfect for early, merging readers.  The bugs progress throughout the book trying on different articles of clothing.  This poetic rhythm and bright happy pictures helps draw the young reader in and makes the words entertaining and easy to remember.  A few lines from the book read as follows:
Bugs in earmuffs
Bugs in coats
Bust in swimsuits
Bugs in floats...
The book also has pages in the back that are meant to be photocopied for your child to color and enjoy.  You could also extend the learning time by using them in a matching game.  As you read the book with your child, have him or her set the matching bugs on the correct pages.

Bertie Bumble Bee - Troubled by the Letter "b" by K.I. Al-Ghani and Illustrated by Haitham Al-Ghani - This book is an excellent resource for parents and teachers dealing with a struggling or dyslexic learner.  The book is a sweet story about a little bee who is very excited about school until he is made fun of because he switches around his letters.  The book walks the reader through an enticing story revealing how mother bee helps her little bee figure it all out.

The suggestions for how to remember the correct way to write letters is very helpful and fun to follow.  The back of the book is filled with pages of how to help your child master basic phonics.  The story and the phonics helps are a rich resource for any teacher or student learning letters, even if it comes easily with no challenge.

Double-Talk Word Sense & Nonsense - By Zora & David Aiken Illustrated by David Aiken is a cute, easy-to-remember way of learning homophones using silly nonsensical rhymes, such as this one:

The sandman, they say, might help us to snore.  But not the sand man we build at the shore.

The pictures that accompany the cute little verses are very appealing.  They will draw your child in to look for detail after detail.

The Tale of Strawberry Snow - by P.L. Caudle Illustrations by Frank H. Simmonds, IV - This is a story about "making new friends" wobbly legs and a courageous heart describes the little pony in the book who makes friends with the most unlikely creature.  The story is sweet and easy to read for early readers (PK-3rd grade).

Boomer Explores Annapolis - by Angelique Clarke Illustrated by Jim Hunt  - This story is a brilliant method of teaching facts about a city while the reader is absorbed in the puppy's story.  Boomer could very well explore your town as well.  I wish there were a Boomer story about every capitol city (at the very least) as a way for kids to learn more about the USA.  Your dog-lover will learn a ton about the city of Annapolis in this story that follows a dog around town.  The factual tidbits about this city in Maryland are filtered in to a young reader unaware of how much he or she is truly learning about historical sites.  The lovable puppy will bring your child back to read the story again and again.  Each time the story is read, your child will remember more historical facts.

The books are available at Schifferbooks.com where you can learn more about other newly-released children's books as well.

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