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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fiverr $5 Madness

I'm telling you what!  If you want to make a buck fast or get a great deal, Fiverr.com is the place to be.

I signed up for Fiverr not even a month ago and already have completed over 50 orders (though some were double orders to account for a larger order).  I have met some great clients and possibly gained some confidence that there really is work out there to be had at the right price.

I'm sure you're saying that $5 is not a good deal for the seller.  Aw, but it really isn't bad.  It depends on what you offer.

I, of course, started off by offering my writing skills.  And, at short gigs of 200-300 word counts, $5 wasn't a bad deal.  For longer articles, the client doubled up to make it worth my time and effort.  I also created a gig offering royalty-free pics, but seems no one must really care about that these days.

The only downside?  The orders came in so fast for me that I had to put both gigs on hold until I can catch up and catch my breath.

When you pray and ask God where the money is, be prepared for an avalanche.  Now, if it were just enough to pay off our accrued debt, I'd be doing a happy dance.  In the meantime, every $5 gig does add up as compounding works both ways (for the lender and the borrower).  My prayer is just that one day I will no longer be the borrower.  And, once I catch up on my orders I may find out it feels to be on the other side.

For now, I am going to slow down my racing heart (trying to fill the orders on time makes me nervous as I want to do a job worth more than $5 to make for happy clients in the long run).  I don't believe a low price should mean spewing out junk.

That and, oh yes - I do homeschool 3 kids who deserve my time and attention with even greater detail.  So, for now - I have put my work orders on hold.  But, I am happy to know the work is out there (and the deals are out there) when needed.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, writers on Fiverr often get overwhelmed with orders and have to suspend their gigs. I'm guessing that if you could pick and choose which orders to fill you'd probably still be writing, am I right? Some of the subjects asked for are pretty demanding and require research, so it's not really worth the $4 pay.

    Anyway, if you decide to resume your writing please stop by our Best of Fiverr blog. We have lots of tips and information for Fiverr sellers.