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Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening a New Library

Recently, in our town, a library got a huge face lift.  They completely tore down and reconstructed The Spencer Road Library in St. Charles County.  The official grand opening ceremony was April 10.  So, the kids and I went for a visit.

My son returned saying it was as good as The Magic House (a children's museum in my city).  The girls were thrilled as if they had just come from Disney World.  The library is amazing.

There are nooks to read next to a fireplace.  There is a little vending-machine (with healthy choices) cafe' area, and their computer use center is large yet private.

One thing did strike me as funny, though.  Growing up I was always told that when in a library one should whisper.  So, a library was always associated with quiet and good manners.  Be on your best behavior somehow has been thrown out the window as libraries have tried to be more "hip" to the younger crowd of visitors.  And, it was evident when we came upon the new library's Quiet Reading Room.  There is now only one area of the library where you are truly expected to remain quiet, and it has shrunk.  It is one little corner room.

Regardless of the small quiet area, we have found our new favorite library.

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