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Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Garden Lapbook

I don't know if you are like me and start seeds every year as part of a science lesson and then end up putting these seedlings into a backyard garden, but the process is always exciting in our household.  I logged onto email yesterday and was delighted to find a link to a free gardening lapbook.  I then went searching to see how I could share this link with you, and this is what I found:

Free Gardening Lapbook

Flower File Folder Game

More Garden Lapbooks

More Lapbooks from Currclick

This year, we have started our seedlings and they have been rapidly growing inside our house by the window.  Yes, we need to get them into the outside garden.  However, our weather has been so strange that the motivation just isn't there.

We never really had a winter to speak of.  Many people were excited about this, but I remain concerned that we will pay for the mild winter with extra bugs, mosquitoes and hot humid summer days.  Then again, I prefer it a bit chilly and should probably just go ahead and move up north to make everyone around me a bit happier.

When spring sprung early despite the ground hog's predictions (I guess that's what happens when a sleepy rodent is allowed to become meteorologist for the day) it suddenly became hot.  We had 90 degree days, or close to it, in April and May.  This did nothing for my motivation to go outside and weed a garden.

This week has been resort weather - Perfect temps and low humidity, but it was also my son's birthday and Mother's Day weekend coming with plans to celebrate with  my mom and sisters.  So, once again weeding and preparing the garden for planting got pushed down on the list.

Don't worry!  It's o.k. with me if we don't actually get much of a crop out of what we planted, though it is mighty fun to pick a pepper from a plant we started.  It was a fun science endeavor as is.  Though, as I type and glance over at our greenery bending toward the morning sunshine pouring into the window I feel a twinge of motivation to get these plants in the ground.

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